Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby D!

Baby D at 18 weeks, 5 days! Our little squirmy-wormy was wiggling around, but we got some cute profile pictures and an adorable picture of a foot. We also saw it kind of wave at us, but they didn't get a picture of that. Baby measures at about 9 oz, heartrate was 139. Baby's head measured a few days ahead (how delightful), and it was very stubborn about looking at the scanner. :) It was a beautiful thing to see, and it made all this even more real, while at the same time being incredibly surreal. It was like, "There's really a baby in there! Really? THAT baby's in there?!" And we heard the heartbeat again at my dr appt afterwards, and it sounded just as perfect and beautiful as the first time! I could listen to that little swish-swish sound all day long!
In other baby news, the crib set I've had my heart set on for the past, oh, 3 months has gone on clearance at Target and I will be purchasing it tomorrow so I do not miss out! I'm very excited to bring it home, I just wish I had the crib to set up! But I don't think Justin would let me get away with that quite yet...

Monday, June 21, 2010

How the time flies

I realized today how long it's been since I've posted! Oops... We've been busy beavers in the past few weeks!
Justin loved his canoe trip and probably could have stayed out there for another week or two. He's been working at the liquor store for about a month and he's really enjoyed it so far! He's playing church softball again this year, so between those and keeping the yard mowed and the building cleaned, he stays busy.
I've been doing really well. Ever since my morning sickness ended, I've been feeling awesome! We go for walks as much as we can, and I've been alot more energetic and ambitious. It's nice to be somewhat back to normal, and I'm sure Justin's glad to have his wife back for the time being! I'm almost exclusively in maternity clothes now, which is fun, but also a little frustrating. My options are much more limited! I've had another appointment with Dr Majkrzak, when we got to hear the heartbeat and it sounded awesome! I go in again on Wednesday. I have an ultrasound first, then see the doctor. I am so excited to see the baby! No, we're not finding out what we're having! And, it's Justin's birthday that day, so it's an extra special day. I've been feeling lots of little baby flutters lately, which is the oddest and most wonderful feeling! Especially when it totally freaks out, like it did the other night! No doubt about it, that's Jusin's baby in there!!
We celebrated our 3rd anniversary a couple weeks ago. I cannot believe it's already been 3 years!
We went to a Twins/Rockies game last week with our dear friends Randi and Kevin and her family. It was way fun to get away, to see the new Target Field, and to see the Twins win!
Otherwise, we've just been working and spending time with friends. I'll make sure to post pictures and an update after the ultrasound and appointment on Wednesday!