Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 weeks!!

Holy crow, my due date is in 4 WEEKS!! And baby really could come any time now! Yay!!

I saw my doctor yesterday and he did say that there is a less than 1% chance I will deliver over the weekend. I've been having lots of false labor and/or Braxton Hicks, but I still think it's gonna be another couple of weeks. I don't know about 4, but 2 would be just fine with me!

Mom and Katie are coming up tomorrow to spend the weekend with me, cooking and cleaning and finishing getting ready for baby! I have a whole list of things for them to do! :) I am sooo excited for them to come! Justin will be gone all weekend, so it will just be us girls. I'm hoping in addition to the cleaning and cooking, we'll get some shopping in as well.

We're really pretty set for baby at this point, still a few necessities to pick up, but the car seat is installed, I have my bag packed for the hospital, we have the nursery pretty much done, just a couple little things to finish. So my panic of a month ago and having nothing done has subsided immensely and I'm feeling good about it all!

In still other news, my job has once again changed, and I have accepted a different position with Lighthouse. Instead of going back as House Coordinator, I will be the new Administrative Assistant/the boss-man's right hand man. The pay is the same as what I was offered with the other position, but the hours are primarily day-time office hours. Granted, I'm still working in a field that always requires flexibility and the potential for having to cover an evening or weekend shift, which is fine. As excited as I was about the House Coordinator position, I'm 1000% more excited for this position! I think it's going to be a really great move for me career-wise, and it will be much better for our family as well. And everyone I work with at the office is super excited to have me in that position, which makes me even more excited for it! So I will be going back to work on January 5, the day after Justin's family flies out.

So, other than the nearly constant heartburn ( I swear, I've got a mini Sasquatch growing inside me! ), all is well in the Distel world! :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh me oh my

I cannot believe this is week 35! I realized today that this week is my last appointment-free week before baby comes! That kind of freaked me out a littlea, but in a good way. It's just another one of those reminders that this baby is real and is really coming and is really coming soon! This whole time, even with the obvious signs that there is a baby coming, it's still been pretty surreal, but now everyday it gets more and more real. The deadline to get everything done is fast approaching!

Baby is still super busy, and those movements are just getting bigger, stronger, and more painful for me! Just when I thought it couldn't get more difficult to move, it does... And now my feet are swelling, everything hurts, I'm continually exhausted. I love this baby and I'm sooo excited to meet baby, but I really do not love being pregnant. Very little about this pregnancy has been fun. And I just want to meet my baby!

The first of the baby streak that we're in has been born, which is also making this alot more real. There's only 1 more person in the streak due before me... and then it's my turn! Holy hannah!

My dear Oakie friends are having a baby shower for me on Thursday, and I'm super excited! Even just hearing about the treats they're making is exciting! After the shower, we get to reevaluate everything we need, and when Mom and Katie come in 2 weeks, we're going shopping for the rest! Yay!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

I think I would like...

... to not be pregnant anymore.

Everything is difficult now. Even eating is a chore, especially when I know that pretty much anything I put in my mouth will end up giving me heartburn. And it takes alot of energy to eat, and I just don't have it. All I did after work yesterday was lay on the couch, and I was so uncomfortable. And ironically enough, I really don't think Baby D likes it at all when I lay on my left side (which is ironic, because it's recommended that you lay on your left side for better circulation, etc...). For pretty much this whole pregnancy, I've been infinitly more comfortable on my right side anyway, but now whenever I'm on my left side, Baby pushes HARD against the couch/mattress/whatever I'm laying on, and usually jams one of those little feet into my ribs, making me very uncomfortable! But as soon as I roll onto my right side, Baby's happy as a clam.

My energy level has decreased dramatically in the last few days. I didn't think I could be more tired than I was already, but now, it's ridiculous. I just sit and look at all the junk and dirty dishes and vacuuming that needs to be done, and Justin doesn't have time to do it, and I just don't have the energy, and I don't even care anymore. Which is saying alot, coming from me!

My appointment went well yesterday, btw. Nothing extraordinary to report, really. I go back in 2 weeks, then start the 1 week visits! 6 weeks to go! (or 4. I'd be fine with 4!)


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nursery and other Baby pix

The nursery, nearly completed. Some picture frames, a side table and lamp by the rocker, curtains, some personalization after Baby comes and we know whether it's a Tristan or an Ainsley, and few other misc accessories and it's done!

Me at 31 weeks. This picture is already inaccurate. Seriously. (I'll get another one soon.)

Mom bought these insanely, ridiculously cute mocassins for Baby D! And these are the going home outfits. Firetruck for boy (since Justin plans to be a firefighter), and pink zebra stripes for girl (since I'm obsessed with zebra stripes)! I love them both immensely!

Change is in the air...

First things first: 33 weeks! And it's October now... meaning this baby is coming NEXT MONTH!!!! That is the scariest, wildest, most exciting thought in the entire universe right now! :)

On to other, non-baby things... I've officially accepted a new position at LHL to start after maternity leave. I will be the House Coordinator, which is an administrative (and salaried!) full-time position. My main duty will be training new staff in all 5 homes. I will also have various administrative tasks, including reviewing and writing resident Risk Management Plans, writing resident annual, semi-annual, and quarterly reviews, updating and printing monthly forms for resident books, participating in office audits, completing house checks, coordinating vehicles, and attending training seminars with the other administrative staff. The hours vary, mostly nights and weekends for training, as well as being on-call 1 weekend a month. The salary will be a really significant raised, and includes vacation time. Needless to say, I'm VERY excited! Not only is this going to be a huge blessing for us financially, but it's a great opportunity for me to learn even more about the field. It will look great on my resume how I've steadily advanced in the company since hire, from part-time direct care staff to full-time house manager to house coordinator. My boss approached me a couple weeks ago to offer me the position, and once we thought and prayed about it and found out the pay and that they don't have a time commitment expectation, it seemed pretty obvious what I needed to do! The irony of it is that dI've been saying for awhile that when we move, I want to look for a job comparable to this one! We know for sure that we will be here at least until next August, with potential to stay longer. There will be alot of factors going into that decision, and we're not at a place where we need to make it yet, so we're not.

And back to baby... Baby D's antics have started to contort my belly into the oddest shapes! It's a blast to watch, as long as I'm not getting any jabs. We've decided it's getting close to time to get the carseat installed. Nursery has made progress as well. We bought the crib mattress today, so I was finally able to get the bedding on that I've been in love with for months! Curtains are next on my list. My Oakie friends are having a baby shower for me in a couple weeks, so that will be fun! I think that's the only shower before Baby comes. Katie and the aunties are having a big one right before Christmas, and I think LHL is doing one after Baby as well. I'm hoping to get registered for a childbirth class soon too. The only way we can do it with our schedules is to do an online one, but I'm fine with that, because I really don't want to be in a room full of massively pregnant women who are forced to get down onto the floor, and then back up again! It's just asking for trouble, if you ask me! :) My cravings continue to include sugar, and Funyans have been added to the list, as well as Subway. I don't count my daily intake of chocolate as a craving, since I'm genetically predisposed to need a certain quantity of chocolate per day. Someone once told me what kind of supplement to take that would curb my chocolate cravings a few months ago; apparently a chocolate craving in pregnancy indicates a low level of magnesium, and if you take a magnesium supplement, the cravings go away. I thanked her for the information, and proceeded to explain that it's actually a genetic thing for me, not likely indicative of my magnesium levels, and I had no desire to get rid of my chocolate craving! I was amused, to say the least! Justin once had the nerve this summer to try and take a piece of chocolate out of my hand. Doesn't he know who he married?! Never, EVER take a piece of chocolate from a pregnant Koep girl. Very bad idea. VERY bad idea! He learned this and hasn't tried again.