Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Spring!

Even though it's snowing here today...

As I'm sure you've figured out from my lack of recent posts, I've been busy! My days pretty much consist of going to work, picking up Ainsley and playing with her until she goes to bed by 8:00, then dishes, laundry, cleaning, and going to bed, only to start it all over again the next day. But I love it - I'm a creature of habit, and the only thing I would change about my current routine is that I would love to be able to stay home with Ainsley. We've discussed the possibility of me doing daycare when we move to Colorado so I can be home with her. Unless Justin gets a good enough job that I don't have to! Regardless of how we have to make it happen, I will be home with her!

Ainsley is growing in leaps and bounds - it seems like everyday she can do something new! At her 4 month well-baby check-up, she weighed 13lbs, 15oz and was 22 3/4 inches long. She's pretty much outgrown all of her 0-3 month clothes, and even some of the 6 month clothes are getting snug! She rolls over from back to tummy now; the first time she rolled over was tummy to back, and she hasn't done it since. She's recently discovered her feet and plays with them all the time. Last night she sat up almost straight by herself for a few seconds, before folding in half and getting mad! She talks and laughs all the time, and is all around a very happy girl, unless she's hungry or tired! We've started her on solids, we're doing pears this week. She's doing pretty well with them, she only has a few bites a day and gets bored, but she's learning how to eat! Last night was the first time she seemed to really get excited about it and swallowed the whole spoonful, rather than spitting half of it out! She's very aware of her surroundings and always knows exactly where Mama and Daddy are at all times! She likes people, as long as she can look at them while one of us is holding her. She's a little leery of strangers holding her, which makes me feel good! :) She's still constantly moving, and is usually only still when she's tired or sleeping. Once she's mobile, we're in trouble! She still loves to snuggle when she's tired, although she gets mad most nights around bedtime - she does not like being tired! So she gets worked up and it usually takes a bit of effort to settle her down and get to sleep, if she doesn't fall asleep nursing. She's back to waking up at night to eat, usually 2 times, which is one of the reasons we're starting solids! For awhile we were having a hard time getting her to stay sleeping in her crib, but my mom figured out that she was probably just getting cold, so we started dressing her warmer for bed and now she sleeps great, until she gets hungry, that is. Toys-wise, we're upgrading this weekend to a bouncer, so she can sit up and play and bounce and look around. She still enjoys her playmat, but she much prefers sitting up. She loves hands, and will play with her hands or ours for long stretches. Usually they end up in her mouth, which is fine, until she gets teeth! She also loves faces and will study them closely, and if you're within arm's reach, she'll play with your nose and lips. Just watch out - she pinches! :) Her little personality comes out more everyday, and it's so fun! Basically, she's wonderful and beautiful and I adore her! Be watching our YouTube channel (we3distels) for crazy cute videos!

Justin has 3 weeks left in the semester and then he GRADUATES!!!! Finally!! Graduation is May 7 (Mother's Day weekend) at 10am. We'll have a little open house at our place after, and I'm sure we'll do something for him sometime we're home for a family get-together before we move. Once the semester is over, it's time to send out resumes!

We're very much looking forward to getting out of our tiny, cramped apartment this summer, whether it's in Colorado or here! Most likely it will be Colorado, but that all depends on our job/house hunting trip this summer. We'll be getting rid of some of our furniture and looking to replace it - most of what we have is inexpensive, from-the-box furniture we bought when we first got married, or small, and we're wanting to upgrade slightly and get furniture that's a little bigger in scale to fit in a bigger place. We're hoping to find a house to rent. So if anyone is interested in cheap or free furniture, this is what we're getting rid of: couch and loveseat (with slipcovers), tall black bookshelf, possibly a hightop table and chairs, black TV stand, possibly a large computer desk and chair. We're buying a new couch and loveseat when there's a good sale somewhere, but the rest I'm willing to replace used, if anyone has anything! I want good quality, preferably solid wood. Specifically, I'm looking for at least 2, possibly 3 wooden dressers. 1 smaller for Ainsley, 1 a little larger for us, and 1 that is low, with at least 4, preferably 6 drawers that I can refurbish into a TV stand. Depending on where we end up, we may be in the market for a used washer and dryer.

Ok, this wasn't intended to turn into an ad! All in all, life is good here in the woods. Busy, slightly chaotic, totally centered around a 5 month old, and good!

I will try to get better at updating as Ainsley becomes more independent and doesn't need me constantly when I'm with her!