Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome, June!

I can't believe it's already the second week of June! Where has the time gone?

We just spent the weekend at home in Fergus Falls and it turned out to be a great weekend after a rough start Thursday night...

I was working Thursday evening driving my 5-year-old client to Tae Kwon Do when I noticed the speedometer on our car had stopped working. As soon as I noticed that, the check engine light came on and the rpm's went uber high (Justin told me that meant it couldn't go past 3rd gear...). So I called Justin at work and he told me to take the car in to get looked at as soon as I was done. So I did, but everyone was closed or closing by 6pm. We had to take it in early Friday morning. Our original plan for Friday morning was to be on the road home by 9am, giving us plenty of time for me to get to work, get home, and both of us showered. But now we had to take the car in. So Justin went with me to work and waited in the car for 30 minutes. We coaxed the car around town, dropping my client off at daycare, then back across town to the repair shop. They took the car and we waited. It didn't take long to be fixed- it was a speed output sensor. A $75 fix. Which is fabulous when you're expecting it to be a few hundred dollars. Yet also not so fabulous when you don't even have the $75. By the time we got home, 9am had come and gone. Justin showered and was heading down to school to pay June rent when we learned about the tornados in northern Minnesota. So we headed to the basement. By 11am we were finally on the road and made it home by 2pm. We got right to work doing whatever Mom and Dad needed getting everything ready for Katie's grad party. We worked all afternoon and evening and then got to head into Fergus and spend some time with friends. Saturday was a gorgeous day. It was good to see family and eat lots of good food all day. We ended the day with a super fun game of Kick-the-Can and went to bed exhausted. Yesterday, we cleaned up from the party, found some old savings bonds to help get us out of our rut, and then Mom surprised me by taking me to town and buying me flowers and herbs for our balcony! Then my parents decided to give us their extra vehicle, and they'll still cover the insurance and license- all we're responsible for is the gas! So that's a huge blessing. We loaded down our 2 cars with tons of clean laundry, lots of leftover grad party ice cream, and and plenty of food to fill our cupboards. And a few weeks of laundry money... I have the awesomest parents.

So today we didn't have to figure out who was bringing who where for work, because we have 2 cars and we can each get ourselves where we need to be. The savings bonds and 18 years worth of $2 bills from Great Grandma G helped us to break even. And I have flowers to plant.

We continue to be blessed in so many ways, and we are so grateful for the families we have who love us and support us. We've known for a while that June will be tough month for us, financially, but God keeps providing, and we keep trusting. Please pray that we'll continue to trust and God will continue to provide.


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