Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, to not be poor anymore!

Yay, loan checks came! I am writing this from our new laptop sitting on our couch! It's so nice to be secure - not rich, but secure. It's ok for me to get coffee before my internship, and I did today!
As I was trying to sleep last night, my brain kicked into high gear (big shocker there) and I started to think about everything I have to do, and that's when I realized just how busy I am! I get up Monday morning and I don't stop until Friday night! I like to be busy, but I'm starting to get worn out! I'm so glad now I decided to just keep the one job and not work in town, on top of my internship, school, friends, work on campus, babysitting, family time, and sleeping...
I am so excited for the next few weeks: Next weekend, we're going home to celebrate Dad's 50th brithday! I love being home, and I love my dad, and I love parties! We've been wanting to do this party since he turned 49 and I haven't been so excited for something in a really long time! 2 weeks later, I'm going home again for a 4 day weekend to just spend time with my family and be in Fergus, which I love so much more than Bemidji. Then it's only a few weeks until Thanksgiving and going to Colorado, and then it's Christmastime, and I LOVE Christmastime!
There's nothing else really new in our lives, just living everyday and being thankful for what we have. Can't wait to see family at Dad's party!

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