Friday, May 7, 2010

12 weeks...

That's just crazy sauce. 12 weeks already?!

I'm still in the throes of morning sickness. Although mine is more like all-day sickness. Sometimes eating helps, sometimes sleeping helps, sometimes whining helps, sometimes nothing helps. Fortunately, I haven't thrown up yet! I've been told by several people, including my doctor, that it should go away around week 12- 14. Well, today is week 12, and it hasn't gone away yet!

I had an appointment last week, pretty routine, got poked and prodded. My doctor wasn't able to find the heartbeat with the Doppler yet, but that's ok, because at 10 weeks it's 50/50 if you can pick it up. I go back in a couple weeks and it sounds like I'll have an ultrasound then!

Clothes are getting tight, and I've definitley noticed a bump that wasn't there before! I've already scoped out the maternity section at Target, so when the day comes that none of my pants fit, I know what I want!

In other news, Justin has successfully completed another semester! Yay, I get my husband back! In a week... He leaves tomorrow for a 6 day canoe trip with some other Oakies. I'm glad he's going, he needs the break, but I'll miss him lots. When he gets back, he'll be starting his new job with the city of Bemdiji as a liquor store clerk. We're both pretty excited he finally got a job, and one he probly won't hate!

That'as about all that's new with us.


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