Monday, July 12, 2010

Yay Husbands!!

I have the awesomest husband in the whole wide world! I think I'll keep him! ;)

As it's become more and more apparent over the past few weeks that our income is just not keeping up with our expenses, and our life is about to get ALOT more expensive, the only solution is to increase our income. I already work 40 hours a week; I quit my other part time job when I got pregnant, because 60 hour weeks are BAD when you're pregnant and sick. I'm feeling better now, but 1) who's going to hire a 5-months pregnant woman? and 2) 60 hour weeks are still pretty bad when you're pregnant and not sick. So that leaves it up to Justin. My superhero husband who's ready and willing to take on another part time job, go back to school, do an internship, and start this crazy adventure called parenting with me. Will I ever see him? Rarely. Will our bills get paid? Definitely. It sucks, but we've done it before, and we can do it again. The point is, he's really stepping up and supporting our family while finishing his degree, and that's no small feat. Meanwhile, I'm coming to grips with the very real possibility that I may not be able to be a stay at home, or part time stay at home mommy. Justin thinks I can go back part time, instead of full time, but I'm not so sure. So that discussion is to be had. And, just to make that decision even more complicated, my boss is considering offering me a raise in order to keep me from moving next summer. Meaning I'm definitly going back full time. So we'll see how all this goes down.

But my husband rocks, and I thought everyone should know!


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