Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How the time flies

What?! It's December 14?! WHAT?! My baby girl is 3 weeks, 3 days old?! When did this happen? Make it stop!

I have been loving every single minute I've had at home with Miss Ainsley and I am positively dreading going back to work in 3 weeks! I wish there was some way to make money while hanging out with your daughter, or for Justin to make money going to school. Then I could stay home!

Justin and I went out on a date, all by ourselves, on Sunday night! We left Ainsley in the very capable hands of 2 friends and went to see Harry Potter. It was wonderful and also so strange! Only a couple hours away from her and I missed her sooo much - how am I going to do 8 hour days when I go back to work?

Friday Ainsley and I are going to Fergus for the weekend - we have a baby shower at Mom and Dad's on Saturday and I'm so excited! I haven't been home since July! The drive should be interesting - hopefully she'll just sleep the whole time. I'm excited to see friends and family that I haven't seen since this summer, and to just be home again.

Next Tuesday Justin's dad and sisters fly in to spend 2 weeks with us, so we're busy getting ready for that, and Justin is sooooo excited! We haven't seen them since last Christmas, so its a long overdue visit.

I'm recovering very well, feeling good and (mostly) getting enough sleep. Naps are a wonderful thing! I've been feeling good enough to putter around the house a little, though I can't get a whole lot done with a newborn! I make sure to allot myself more than enough cuddle time on the couch with my snugglebug! I know how quickly these precious days are going by, so I'm eating up every single minute!


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4 Dachtlers & A Momo said...

Oh friend...she's beautiful! And I am SO excited to meet her on Saturday!!