Thursday, January 6, 2011

A long overdue update...

... we've just been so busy!

Ainsley is now 6 weeks, 5 days old! She's talking and playing and smiling a ton, and is just gorgeous. It's been a big week for the Distel family - I went back to work yesterday, so Ainsley started daycare yesterday. She's mostly just going for half days, but it's still a big deal! There were (minimal) tears on my part yesterday! She did great, pretty much just slept and let all the kids fawn over her! I did better than I thought I would, my day went really fast. It helps that I really like my job! I'm very much looking forward to picking her up tomorrow at 5 and having her all to myself all weekend!

Christmas was wonderful - exhausting and a total blur, but wonderful. Ainsley got spoiled rotten, and Mommy and Daddy came out pretty well too! :) We spent 3 days at Mom and Dad's, and they were jam-packed from Christmas Eve through baptism the day after Christmas. Ainsley pretty much just slept through the 3 days, and I can't blame her!

Justin's family flew home on Tuesday after spending 2 weeks with us. Justin had the day off, so we spent it at home, just the 3 of us, before reality started in! And Ainsley has pretty much been sleeping since - I think she's recovering from the chaos of the past several weeks!

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