Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year! (10 days late...)

i can't believe it's already January 10. I'm pretty sure I went to sleep yesterday and it was December. Needless to say, I've been just a teeny bit busy.

We went to Colorado for Christmas. We spent 4 days at Mom and Dad's, relaxing, shopping, and cooking, then celebrating Christmas with Mom, Dad, Katie, and David. We then hit the road and spent a week with Justin's family. We spent most of our trip relaxing at Justin's dad's house, although we did spend Christmas Day with the whole Distel clan. The big news of the trip was twofold; Justin and I both got tattoos, and together with Sarah and Chelsea, we bought Justin's dad a brand new bed, which he very much deserved. (I'll post pictures of our tattoos in a future post.)

We got home on New Year's Eve, unpacked, and back to work I went on New Year's Day. Lighthouse is in staff crisis mode, so overtime has been approved (and practically required for house manager's!), meaning I've been working my tail off every day since! Yesterday was my first glorious day off, which we spent at Grandma and Grandpa G's celebrating Christmas with Mom's side of the family, and it was beautiful! I'm sitting on the couch today doing absolutely nothing (which I think I've deserved), and then it's back to work tomorrow.

Justin's been at home, recovering from bronchitis. He starts school tomorrow, and the job search.

I'll post pictures of Christmas and our tattoos soon.


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