Saturday, September 18, 2010

31 weeks down...

... less than 9 to go!

What a fantastic, long, exhausting week it's been. Mom and Dad came on Monday and it was wonderful. We went and got our crib, a different one than we've been planning, but I love it! Baby's room is all and only baby, finally, with crib pieces all over the place, decorations going up on the walls, rocker in the corner... Finally!!!! Our carseat came on Wednesday and is in the box, waiting to be installed and bring baby home! I worked alot this week, which is great, because as always, we need the money in a bad way! And today I got to sleep in, go for a lovely brisk walk with my honey, work on a few baby projects, and just relax at home. And it's fall and crisp and cool and lovely!

I just love fall. I love the smells of fall, of apples and cinnamin and leaves and grass. I love the colors on the trees and the bright blue sky. I love mums and pumpkins and gourds. I love soup and tea and cider. I love scarves and coats and sweaters. And another wonderful reason to love fall? Baby D is coming in the fall! Yay!!


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