Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh me oh my

I cannot believe this is week 35! I realized today that this week is my last appointment-free week before baby comes! That kind of freaked me out a littlea, but in a good way. It's just another one of those reminders that this baby is real and is really coming and is really coming soon! This whole time, even with the obvious signs that there is a baby coming, it's still been pretty surreal, but now everyday it gets more and more real. The deadline to get everything done is fast approaching!

Baby is still super busy, and those movements are just getting bigger, stronger, and more painful for me! Just when I thought it couldn't get more difficult to move, it does... And now my feet are swelling, everything hurts, I'm continually exhausted. I love this baby and I'm sooo excited to meet baby, but I really do not love being pregnant. Very little about this pregnancy has been fun. And I just want to meet my baby!

The first of the baby streak that we're in has been born, which is also making this alot more real. There's only 1 more person in the streak due before me... and then it's my turn! Holy hannah!

My dear Oakie friends are having a baby shower for me on Thursday, and I'm super excited! Even just hearing about the treats they're making is exciting! After the shower, we get to reevaluate everything we need, and when Mom and Katie come in 2 weeks, we're going shopping for the rest! Yay!


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