Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nursery and other Baby pix

The nursery, nearly completed. Some picture frames, a side table and lamp by the rocker, curtains, some personalization after Baby comes and we know whether it's a Tristan or an Ainsley, and few other misc accessories and it's done!

Me at 31 weeks. This picture is already inaccurate. Seriously. (I'll get another one soon.)

Mom bought these insanely, ridiculously cute mocassins for Baby D! And these are the going home outfits. Firetruck for boy (since Justin plans to be a firefighter), and pink zebra stripes for girl (since I'm obsessed with zebra stripes)! I love them both immensely!


3.5 Dachtlers & Moses said...

I love your bedding! It's super cute with all the polka dots. :) I'm getting so excited to meet these little bambinos of ours!!

Maybe sometime soon I'll have pulled Ada and Nellie's room together enough to post pictures. We'll see.

Justin and Michelle Distel said...

Thanks, I love it too! I found it at Target ages ago and it's my "inspiration" for the whole room.